Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, better known as O-Sensei. After many years of his dedication to training in classical fighting arts, Aikido was created. It has become one of the most renowned martial arts in the world, teaching its practitioners the “Way of Harmony” as a life’s path. Aikido uses the attacker’s energy in a non-resistant flow of energy. One learns to blend with the attack unlike a harder style of martial arts.  This is why Aikido is practiced by men and women of all ages, all over the world  Aikido also helps us develop our mind as well as our body, which helps to maintain physical and mental health, and creates the ultimate balance.  Aikido also teaches you to defend yourself  as well as how to escape attack by practicing and controlling chaos within different roles and scenerios during training. Aikido then and only then becomes a vehicle for us to move along our path in whatever direction we choose.  Aikido’s ultimate goal is to control the attacker without being harmful to anyone. Because of this, Aikido has been referred to as the Art of Peace. Aikido also has it’s own universal criteria on a global scale, which allows everyone from everywhere to come together,  understand each other and create a peaceful non-violent environment. Please review the Aikido demonstration below.

There is only one Aikido, and it is a very powerful martial art.  So enjoy each and every step on your path. You too will enjoy the physical and mental benefits of training in Aikido.  Additionally, you can  building confidence, and possibly increase physical and mental fitness, while  raising your level of awareness and  learning self defense!

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