Adults             70.00  per month (unlimited) 

Youth 13+     60.00   per month  (unlimited) 



Adults/Teens (15 +)                                             60.00 per month.

Adult Kenjutsu with Aikido                     100.00 per month total

Annual Fees: 

Aikido 50.00  

Kenjutsu 35.00

Visitors mat fee for Aikido/Kenjitsu is 15.00 per visit.

We have no contracts, and payments are accepted in cash, checks or major credit cards, for your dues.   Should you choose to pay with your credit card there is a $2.00 convenience fee added to your monthly dues.

Private lessons:  A private lesson is one hour, one on one with our Chief Instructor. The fee for this hour is $100.00 This needs to be scheduled a couple of days prior to the lesson. Private lessons are recommended for those planning to train in the ongoing program.

Semi Private lessons: A semi-private lesson is one hour with two individuals sharing an hour with our Chief Instructor. The fee for this hour  is 120.00

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