Saruta Soke and Forestieri Sensei 04-21-2013Mitsuhiro Saruta Soke (Ryu Sei Ken) standing with his student Salvatore Forestieri Sensei during private training at Headquarters Dojo, Osaka Japan. Reviewing a live blade, Naginata  weaponry.

Ryu Sei Ken translated literally meaning School of Sword or School with Spirit of Sword.

Ryu Sei Kenjutsu was developed by Saruta Soke and approved by the Japanese Government. Saruta Sensei was asked to oversee Nakamura Ryu, ranked Hachidan (8th Dan), and chose not to do so. He continues  to spread the teachings of Ryu Sei Ken in and outside of Japan Internationally.

Our Ryu Sei Ken (Kenjutsu) classes are conducted by Chief Instructor Salvatore Forestieri who holds rank of (5th Dan Godan)  received directly from Saruta Soke Sensei, from Osaka Japan. Salvatore Forestieri has also received a very honorable award from Saruta Soke when training and competing in Japan. It is an honor and my duty to pass along Saruta Soke’s Sword teachings and forms.

Ryu Sei Ken was developed to maximize one’s ability to work toward real swordsmanship skills though the following teachings. Ryu Sei Ken classes you will begin to train with a bokken (wooden sword) learning basic cuts and kamae’s stances. Then apply them during  kumitachi training. Iaito Sword (non-sharpened alloy sword) for your kihon batto-do excersizes and  kata practice. The  Shinken (live blade sharp sword) for your cutting batto-do practice. With the culmination of this practice you will build swordsman skill with the ability to apply your skills to batto do.

Kata: In the teachings of Ryu Sei Ken, there are 7 forms that represent the kumitachi’s and batto-do. Learning to perform Shidachi’s role

Iaido: practice of forms through predetermined exercises referred to as kata.  There is a total of 7 kata all from tachi waza. (standing position)

Kenjitsu: practice of 6 tachi ai (kumitachi) demonstrating both roles of the practice learning 12 forms of uchidachi and shidachi roles.

Shizan: The way of embracing combat through goshinken for senior students or other members who like to participate in these  supervised practice exercises.

Batto-do: Cutting of test target/s executing certain cutting angles, patterns and directions of clean cuts, while controlling the mind and body through execution of cutting techniques, building practical sword skills!

Illinois Ryu Sei Ken aka Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo is the only Ryu Sei Ken dojo in the Midwest Region affiliated directly to the International Batto-do Shizan Association, Osaka Japan. For more information about Sword Master Mitsuhiro Saruta Soke the International Batto-do Shizan Association, Osaka Japan, please see link at top of the page. If you or your school or study group is serious about learning Ryu Sei Ken, please contact us. All Dan Ranking comes from the International Batto-do Shizan Association, Osaka Japan Headquarters.

 Thank you for your interest.

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