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A traditional dojo offering Japanese Martial Arts                                

Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago/Illinois Ryu Sei Ken founded in March 2004  Our martial art school is a traditional dojo located in the Chicago North-West suburbs, solely created to provide Traditional and practical Japanese martial arts.

Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago/Illinois Ryu Sei Ken serving the Northwest suburbs for over a decade is located at 1700 Tower Drive, Hanover Park Illinois 60133  near the Intersection on Barrington Road & Irving Park Road. Close to Interstate 90 and Elgin Ohare Expressway. So whether you are traveling within the Northwest Suburbs, or any part of the Chicagoland area, we are centrally located for your convenience. We are located inside of Gymkhana Gymnasium, with a dedicated training space for your convenience, equipped with everything you need for your training. Our dojo is a fully matted, clean and safe environment for all class participants. We also have a sitting room with  wifi and television, in addition too a  coffee bar and snacks for your convenience. 

The Japanese Martial Arts offered:

Aikido:  The Aikido program follows tradition. We have classes for Adults and Teens.

Classes are conducted in traditional and practical study form of Aikido. Students work at their own pace and practice at their own level of understanding.  Self defense skills, as well as mind and body exercises are part of the curriculum. Some students improve there awareness and their confidence from this type of training. The form of Aikido that is taught at Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago is a  very practical form. Aikido was founded as a Martial Art and we have every intention to keep it that way in our practice.  If your looking for a pragmatic Aikido form that works, please join us!

Ryu Sei Kenjutsu meaning School of the Sword.  RSK of Illinois is  a traditional and practical sword Martial Art practiced and studied at our dojo following the teachings and under the direction of Sword Master and Founder  Mitsuhiro Saruta Soke Osaka Japan.The Kenjutsu program follows traditions an replicates the sword training as done at the Headquarter Dojo is Osaka Japan.. Ryu Sei Ken is similar to Nakamura Ryu.

What is Tenshin Shinjitsu? 

Tenshin has several meanings. It mostly refers to “Heaven and Earth.”Another meaning for Tenshin means “sacred heart“. Tenshin  does not reflect another style of Aikido, but a name of a dojo that was  operated by Steven Seagal Shihan in Osaka Japan, and affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation Headquarters.

Shinjitsu in Japanese represents “truthfulness“. Without this in your  Martial Arts training  you may be disappointed with your progress.

Our training is important to us, and as important to you as well.  We strive to be honest, to ourselves and with each other, by keeping it practical and maintain it’s art-form.  By doing so, you will learn and understand there is a difference between training and being trained. So if your training is important to you, finding the right teachers is probably the most important choice you can make.

We also strive for students to use their Aikido and Kenjitsu skillset to free themselves from any inhibitions and enjoy each and every step of the way. There will be days of trial and error, and days of success. But if you stick with proper teachings without taking  shortcuts,  you will achieve your goals.

To learn more about these Arts please review their pages on this website.  If you are interested in learning a practical form of Aikido and or Kenjutsu,  come and experience a free class, or please watch a class so you can see for yourself.   Call now  for your free lesson! 630-400-5940     

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