ryu sei ken AIKIDO                                               KENJUTSU                                                                                           

A traditional dojo offering Japanese Martial Arts in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

Tenshin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago/Illinois Ryu Sei Ken serving the Northwest suburbs for  a decade is located at 1700 Tower Drive, Hanover Park Illinois 60133  near the Intersection on Barrington Road & Irving Park Road. Close to Interstate 90 and Elgin Ohare Expressway. So whether you are traveling within the Northwest Suburbs, or any part of the Chicagoland area, we are centrally located for your convenience. We are located inside of Gymkhana Gymnasium, with a dedicated training space for your convenience, equipped with everything you need for your training. Our dojo is a fully matted clean and safe environment for all class participants. We also have a sitting room with free wifi and television, in addition too a  coffee bar and snacks available to you  while you wait. 


The Japanese Martial Arts offered: Aikido:  Adults, Teenagers and Children-  The Aikido program follows tradition. We have classes for everyone of all ages. Adults: Classes are conducted in a traditional and practical study of the non-violent art of Aikido. Adults work at their own pace and practice at their own level of understanding. Teens: Classes are conducted in basic form to teach teens a defensive form and build on good basics. Teens are allowed to practice with adults to help build their confidence.


Kenjutsu: Adults and Teens 15+  The Kenjutsu program follows tradition  an replicates the sword training as done at the Headquarter Dojo is Osaka Japan. Everyone works at their own pace to internalize their practice and study. Ryu Sei Ken! At TenShin Shinjitsu Dojo of Chicago, Illinois Ryu Sei Ken, our Martial Art programs are practiced and taught in a traditional and practical manner.  We are dedicated to traditions and keeping our training martial as they were created to be, which may be considered a unique difference.   We believe training in the Martial Arts has to be real to have value for everyone. So if you are interested in learning a practical form of Aikido and or Kenjutsu,  come join us and try a free class, or please watch a class so you can see the difference for yourself.   Call now  for your free lesson! 630-400-5940